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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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this may happen pretty soon and you'll you like fifty year. will be fit this is so obvious any limitations for professional boxing them well. somehow there's another contract contra i mean they're. just love talk talk. but two or three years it's always been somebody want to. know contracts are you sure that happy way boxing can make it i mean make a fight at the age of fifty are you being realistic i mean are you kidding is no one believes life is about believing you get when you believe
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well you you made people believe in many things they want to believe about the that was the reason why you got nicknamed the real deal is that right or pretty much you know it comes to be improvement you know you see things and you have hope and you try out to make it happen and this was like a real real deal was like a long like a ramp like like a real thing it was to keep from each of the you know you. come from. people making up names that. start off with you look at something positive and you use the. phrase shoe to push you poor. but there was a time i think after the olympics when they started calling the road to deal with is that right where you are says you also were the thought insulting well you know
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you know people tend to. it negative thought a positive negative thing is that things go my way and along picks got to go bottom but i would squat of some do but you know the way that i have it. and say well you know i don't want to be the rodeo i want to be real. i knew that people in some professional sports like like tennis players boxers some other people didn't really care about the medals they see on this is this is the real fight the real fighting is with him but. still do you regret that olympics that you didn't get the title the year it was in your hands he just dropped it was not so much about dropped to. call him referee made a bad call and unfortunately it happened to see a person just like i am and you have to we have to let go but i guess the
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most important thing in a lump it is you know that's a phrase in life i represent my country and the point of the matter is you can do good for somebody else you can do good for yourself so you still think it was the referee or did you yourself make a mistake like a stupid mistake no matter what the referee is you clearly you can see that referee made a bad decision. when it was about. it wasn't because the rules are a bit different in the olympic limpid boxing and heavyweight professional boxing where it's all this game where you had some dude rube you know and i go i do understand that roos's is mate because we're cursed make a mistake people always appeal you never get to that makes people always appear. so you've got to stand by so it's too bad what the referee with the referee call
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and pretty pretty much what it is. even mel referee made the call then. and the first movie made him find fifty five so the first name i heard in boxing when i was a kid was cassius clay i think you two were the same generation so he should have been your idol was dean well. he was. when i was a kid they say i could be like you know you don't come from childhood from poor people so i wasn't all be anything and there were. some by and say you know you could be like mom and that's how. my career started and did you have i'm going to lose that you have people who during your life might make people that you want to be like me where someone has a lot of people a lot of people who. are
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a mother would. never have somebody be idle and my mother said they're too big in a bar you want to be like jesus but other. than go you see the things that people do well you. particulary just that area not so much as a person to your mother was very religious machine and she says she said be like jesus we're here this is strange i remember once when the beatles first came to the united states and john lennon said we're like jesus even greater the said that was a very bad thing to saying. you know you know but if you read. you know you could be like jesus you can do more because he left so the whole good thing is there wasn't all this you had to set goals and set out to reach i used to as religious as you were brought up within your family or you're like.
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sumpter and then. mr i don't look at it being religious you just have something to believe and you have to millis a higher power that's our higher power and that you believe and i am true to believe who i am because. i believe in the word of god and. this will allow me to fifty years old to be able to stand here and be able to witness to the whole world that you know i'm a believer of the word of god in this will allow me to be successful even at this age he were reportedly offered to fight with vitale klitschko famous ukrainian boxer boxer of the soviet school of boxing you have well but then klitschko said i quote evan your home if he'll is my idol and i can't fight
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him no matter how much money for the end quote is a true and do you still consider possibility of finding a place to go. thing is to all fairness there you know he's in the driver's seat. he's a champion with david champion and so they make decisions he do they want to ignite it they choose and if they choose not understand. well listen he said he doesn't want to find cheap because because you you he you know he designed will do you think you can find the little would you fight your idol would you fight mohammed ali. or because you know. he's you know i'm going to have you know george foreman though he was an odd where he he he be very he also sali i'm not you know i'm a prosecutor. a fight for process and you know the game is.
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after you champ the world to hold a big stop because one person you know you you you fight what posit money and you know when he came down by george foreman he was forty two and i was twenty nine i do want to fight you because you know if i beat him they got beat oh. so i'm kind of it was a waste of my time. but. my manager who say you know you're a prize fighter you fight for money he said well you know you don't get. twenty million if you fight joyce. told mamma get thirty five. tyson he said yeah but when i get it they get both. he said if you if you fight tyson first then they won't pay you to mind
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a fight joyce they only think joyce can be like this one you know and people have a right to believe what they believe george with a lot big a bigger god that i had a heart upon but you know i kind of you know life is not just about one thing is separate things that you had to have to be to bear bets you know this were run by smart people people who know how to use knowledge to to to get the job done and i think you should marry and i sure you've lived a long winded finch way to show biz this is part of just put and you still believe . the world is run by smart people many people i mean your level say no there that's a new lucian not about smart people see people who think small they think small ideas small is. what you know to win so everybody who a plus up is it's obvious they know something to apply up right you know it so it's
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kind of shifted you know you just smart as a skin color. a way thing that you can say knowledge and then do real deal probably feel on spotlight who's exactly in that moment to take breaks. divine power in action activate the sacraments. i am just so we
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need these we are under the control of those governing us before at the service of a space mafia i found on that date the magnetic field of the sun will be fixed and it will create the super got the stuff. after the second coming it will be a futile place it will receive its glory it will be a renewed world and it will be a beautiful place. full of the best. little stuff this type of ammunition. it's good business for us it's kind of like being a doctor you know if there's a disaster businesses. better unfortunately.
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on the edge of human capability. struggling with a dream. layout to become the first. force for him to. choose your language. before we can we go into financial. treatments that is the consensus can. change the opinions that you think are great . choose the stories that impact your life choose me access
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to your office. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. of. me. welcome back to spotlight imo we love in just a reminder that we're a guest on the show today is evident or real deal hollyfield the five time
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world heavyweight boxing champion. says we're in moscow asking the question we've been there and that russians have said we have boxers a couple of years ago you had a fight with nicole i've only had three who's a legendary very famous russian boxer and he was i think he was twice as heavy as you and was just so so was it tough i mean funny is such a big man because because i know people said that maybe he's not so fast i mean he's take me but he was so big i mean just like fighting in iraq was it did get scared when it's well know you have to fear about you know life is about knowledge is not you know you know good things go size matters we all know that this i'm tired sometimes sometime in iraq or if you know you have to be the right side to do the right thing you know you know i guess a big may have been bad and your one way to small guy have the man says you have to
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play your game and you know so when i'm for them. it's a knowledge you know cause this world over big people all small people worry about people who apply what they know so if you plywood should know better than another person this is how you win and i truly believe and time is show with this world all the people who have a plan a good plan you know we're so you know everybody is have a choice too. thank you about what it takes to win. and it's where when you start talking about having a plan i've heard that lots of times been there many people said it takes something out of swear takes the excitement out of the sport when you when you work toward into the plan whatever happens i mean it should be it's be more i don't know more enthusiastic more like like like this like i'm into based on intuition or other
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rather than calculation now more well you know. people who hold things along with they have a plan they have a plan and is show you that when there's a plan things happen but you always have to make adjustments you know. when when you see when they can't you don't whether they're you have to you have to change it will be you know you just the plans of the times always kind of have something to it because one way is not going all the time. mention time nearly in this interview there is in the pin even among people who write about that that your whole life you were after mike tyson that you were chasing him that that that that that you wanted mike tyson and that that's what made fuels your career is that right that was their limits and that out way not really because you know before my tyson was the champion you're my go my goal is always to be to whichever one so you sort of
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look at your dad that's how ali was to change so if you mean when they needed ali then i would go get up with some of the whole big thing is keep. on the product so you know all the different changes to care of switching up so you know by the time you a member larry home with a champion and all the stars switching to to all the other different champion that people don't don't think about their own one they care about you think with tom as you tony tucker and it just kept switching kept changing to mike tyson one day came in just told it all from arab he was the youngest the most popular champion marketeer like they like the sports one and he was pressured into the game a boxer and my kid myself as an amateur we work together we work
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together and we was we was on evolution squad trying to make the united states box in a lump between tyson and i so we trained together so. you know and so i would very familiar but tyson was small in that i mean a short for stanton you know hit hard by worry about the power he had the power but i had the techniques and tyson was to a fighter that went before me best reason why you know i talk about a lot because i wasn't a guy they had to go out there and do it first he first one when i did and now his all my life short of my said oh inches my seven eight so his opponent just short of my and he was able to tear up guys and he was able to. you know it was ease of being to believe that i can do it because i've seen him do it and i had
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smart with him and knew that you know he worked on i worked hard what would be different no more than people tend to be in the fray to him. while you were you were friends with mike yeah and then they and after that now your business point is with him or used to be business partners well that is that in ninety ninety seven that fight when he became he was disqualified and someone so you want to say that it didn't spoil your relations know we i mean it was just just nothing going or did . because you're not you know i'm the youngest in my family. and so someone always in a family do something to you that. gets you man and you have to forgive to give it is just a part of life you could never go and be happy if you don't have to begin because somebody's going cross you in a wrong way well. sure he did the wrong thing that but you know whenever i talk to two to two boxing people they say that you don't have to hate your palate i
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mean he's not your enemy you know most of the most of the of the fight you find your friends people that you like so you don't have to say to me it's just sport but if when we see things like tyson is like he biting it means that at that moment he really hated it he wanted to hurt you even he knew he would be thought about but he did wonders to make you suffer is that true with think i think. out of fear that you can really your reputation you can really do you this reputation that you got some are going to ruin your reputation people get selfish if you're about as good in a good three or four way and they respond in a in a negative way you know. you know it is parents when they get upset they send some ball for something they didn't met but they said then you know but
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you know this is how you fill the time and but you know do you love a person enough to pick a given and about my life that based about the given point to been a critic you got to give if you don't forgive you don't get good. here you have to hear we hear more and more about about business becoming money becoming the main thing in sports fixed matches football tennis boxing what's your gratitude today you represent the older generation when that that was that was something something strange now though it's become common isn't it first of all is it as true as you read in the papers and what's your attitude. grown when you do. the thing is the that you can. give your all supposed. and they do take
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away when people make money is the main thing is it's good. you know when you if you if you are deceived. them think this is a good match when you. you know this this guy came when. boxing you can never said i wouldn't take the one punch. but this. is different than different sports going to box and it's hard to say everybody who did it you had to punch. in and take a nap. one of the one of the things you had to overcome you had to fight finding it inside the rink was when you remember you were accused. of bombing stuff and getting using drugs to try to prevent this point he even managed
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to fight for you feel good to him and your reputation this is still hers this is still boomerang back why and why now because when people win when i give them a reality. i'm the most consistent fighter. held his way saying. hey you know i say if you take a guy who use steroids if he if he used the he would get twenty thirty thirty five which is all this small school and at some point in time most will start hanging. in the causes you know to have a body and historic group take important things down you know i think all my shirt. would move i would get all star rows and you know. i'm forty nine years old my stuff don't jager must have to insert your eye of people. you know
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about it like a teenager as if the whole thing is because it's easy to maintain the rebuild so you know i try to stay in shape do the very best. many people to me especially journalists say that having a good agent is part of the county good coach you believe that well and and some ways it could be. because you nobs of a good coach his job is to allow you to become this this guy. who can be a market because you have to have both you know is when i look at it when i look at tyson you know i'm good you know here's a guy that had a good coach with a guy a lot of good business people who put him in the position to to overcome the situation that he had my good you don't make. it's. more about a business people. and last question. many people say that maybe someday
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the world will get back to one single undisputed world champion rather than having five different versions do you think that that would be a good idea was should we keep it this way why are the most beautiful thing. you had to think when. you know joe everybody knew he was champion you know when they when it came down a lot everybody knew i leave to champion when you got so many different so many different people and now the whole world is coming into. you know you know and i'm sure you know you got should you got to at one point in time during have all the country by get that they the world champion was united states you wanted your man to say that's it. it only becomes apparent now you fired up all over the world you have good fighters and but you would need to have the undisputed champion to make that undisputed money thank you thank you very much in just
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a reminder that my guests shall want to have in their mail how they feel and that said for now from all of us here spotlight will be back with more interesting comments on what's going on in and outside pressure until then they cared and stayed on our team. well. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. do we speak your language i mean some of the will not advance. your music programs in documentaries and
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